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Toss was born out of the pandemic by Georgia native, Marlee Roberson. After years of working in the TV/Film industry, the Costume crew member realized how inconvenient it was to rid her sanitary napkins in a co-ed environment.

She realized being “On Location” meant that there wasn’t always a place to discard her used feminine products, or enough toilet paper to wrap the evidence in, AND wipe...

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    Toss bags offer a more hygienic alternative to brown Kraft paper bags and wrapping products in wads of toilet paper. One sized scented bags (9.75” x 3.5”) are made with 20% recycled plastic. Our contemporary deep teal color obscures contents from view, to contain & conceal product.


    Stop unnecessary flushing of tampons, sanitary pads, wipes and other hygiene products. This is an effective way to protect septic tanks, toilets, and sewer lines from expensive clogs. Perfect for businesses, RVs, boats, stores, offices, gyms, yoga studios, home, and gender-neutral bathrooms.


    When you choose TOSS, you’re raising awareness of proper disposal practices, keeping menstrual waste out of the wastewater stream, and supporting our mission to deliver menstrual care products to those in need.

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